Chapter 2

Chapter Two Reading Guide

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Pages 35-41

1. What is content knowledge and/or content learning?

2. What are the different types of configurations for technology-connected classrooms (i.e. one-computer classrooms, etc.)?

3. Which design makes the most sense for your grade-level and subject area? Why?

Pages 41-43

4. Which of the characteristics of effective technology-supported content learning tasks seems most important? (Figure 2.5)

5. What are the student stages of the technology-supported content learning process? Which one seems the most difficult for students? (Figure 2.6)

6. Which challenge for teachers on p. 43 was most surprising to you? Why?

Pages 43-49

7. Of the guidelines for designing opportunities to learn content, which one works best for you as a learner? As a teacher?

8. Explore one of the tools for content learning in Table 2.1 on page 48. How could it be used with your grade/subject?

Overall Chapter Questions

9. Look at the teachers’ comments in this chapter’s From the Classroom features. Choose one teacher’s comment and write a reply.

10. Choose a lesson for your subject/grade level from the lesson plan archives at Educator’s Desk Reference: Use the Lesson Analysis and Adaptation Worksheet from Chapter 1 on page 31 to consider the lesson in the context of content learning. Select 3 categories to analyze the lesson (use the column titled: The lesson . . . ).