Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Understanding Classroom Learning and Technology Use

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Pages 1-7

1. What does the quote from Polya (p.2) have to do with learning about educational technology?
2. What role(s) do you believe technology should play in education? Why?
3. Which NET Standard (p. 5) is most intriguing to you? Why?

Pages 7-16

4. Which definition of technology on p. 9 is the best fit for our course? Why?
5. Of the learning terms in Figure 1.3 on page 10, which terms are new for you?
6. What are the most important things that educational technology can do?
7. What is the role of a teacher in the classroom?
8. What are additional challenges for teachers not listed on pages 14-15?

Pages 17-24

9. Which technology-enhanced learning activity example is most interesting to you? Why?
10. What is an example of an assistive technology?
11. Have you ever participated in a thoughtless use of technology? What did you learn from the experience?
12. What are some ways you can assess student progress toward learning goals?

Pages 24-27

13. Read the Technology-Supported Lesson Example. After reading the lesson and the suggested adaptations, what else might you change about the lesson?

Chapter Overview Questions

14. Find an example. Using one of the Websites mentioned in the chapter or one you find yourself, find a real-life example of classroom technology use. State whether the use might be effective or not and explain why you think so.
15. Examine task characteristics. Using the characteristics of effective tasks outlined in this chapter, examine one of the classroom examples provided in the Learning Activities section. Explain how it has or does not have these characteristics.