Learning Adventure Presentations: Days 1-3

Late passes will not be accepted this week in order for you to provide feedback to classmates (and out of respect.) I expect you will take this seriously. Before we begin presentations, please follow the link to complete the course evaluation form.


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Presentation Order 9:05 Class

Monday, November 28

Ashleigh Finch, Macy Day, Rachel Hayes, and Kailey Marshall
Making Healthy Eating Fun

Catherine Holden and Jennifer Culpepper
How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Alexis Williams
H.S. Biology Cell Mitosis

Lauren Corbett
Kids with Cochlear Implants

Wednesday, November 30

Sandford Seay and Spencer Rowe
The Basics of Swimming

Spencer Tolley, Demetrius Lima, and Daniel Nascimento
Rubik’s Cube Adventure

Rachel Trammell and Kyle Collins
Outrageous Olympic Outing

Tess Lunde
What Makes Whales So Unique?

Friday, December 2

Sydney Marshall
How to Train for a 5K

Caleb Lander
A Coffee Beans Journey

Caleb Whitener

Presentation Order 10:10 Class

Monday, November 28

Morgan Sellers, Amanda Detraz, Lydia Stephens, Molly Bernstein, and Audrianna Atkinson
How Can You Protect Africa’s Animals?

Ella Carr and Julia Bacce
Where did Christmas Come From?

Keri Karlsen
Adventures into Metamorphosis

Andrea Haigood
You are What you Eat…?

Wednesday, November 30

Keali Lay and Stephanie Canter
All About Pasta

Camrei Terrell
What Can I Buy?

Emily Backes and Shayla Appleby
Prepare for Baby Learning Adventure

Becca Haaland
An Active Adventure!

Friday, December 2

Amy Hollander and Courtney Cagle
Discover Your Senses

Erin Smith and T.K. Cown
What Makes a Good Friend?

Kristen Newell

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