Think Like a Teacher: Day 4

Final Peer Review

We will start class today by giving feedback to each concerning Step 4 of the lesson design. Let’s brainstorm some ways we could review each others work. What sort of feedback would be helpful to hear?

Step Five

Step 5 simply asks you to reflect on your work. Step 5.1 asks you to evaluate your lesson activity, identify the weakness, and make improvements. You don’t need to go back and revise the lesson activity in Step 4, just list the weakness and possible ways to improve. Step 5.2 and 5.3 are the take-aways from this project. These steps are very important because it’s where the learning really happens.

Attach TLAT on Your Website

Your lesson should be exported from Google Docs as a pdf and attached to your communication and collaboration tools page. Make sure you change the title of your TLAT to something besides “copy of TLAT″ before you export it as a pdf!


1.     Complete all sections of the Lesson Design Guide and attach the pdf version on your website.

2.     Prepare a short (1-2 minute) presentation for the class. You can create a Power Point (for extra credit/late pass) or present from your website. Make sure to focus on the aspects of your lesson that integrate communication and collaboration standards.

3.     Look forward to some great lessons and delicious food!

4.     Complete this form if you are planning to bring food on Wednesday (2/23). Click here to see what other people are bringing.

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