Author Introductory Videos

Record Videos

In your video you will want to tell about yourself and why you choose this topic. Check out some of these example videos from former student projects:

We have made videos for past projects, but you can access past tutorials and information below.

Directions for uploading videos

To upload to your YouTube account, you can look at these directions. You don’t have to put it on YouTube – let me know if you want different directions.

Another option is to save the file, even a .wmv file as an attachment to your Google Page. I can upload the file to YouTube if you don’t have an account. If you are using iMovie, the tutorial includes specific instructions for uploading.

For Monday

Edit your project – make any needed revisions. (You can use the e-mail “” on your site for students to send their work). I’d also like you to all e-mail a link for your site to this address.

Food sign up chart here. (See what other people are bringing here.)

Presentation Order

Monday, April 25

Brooke and Kathleen:

Janna, Rebecca, and Rebekah:

Wednesday, April 27

Hannah, Thomasina, and Kayla:

Lanier, Summer, and Ashton:

Torrin and Arieal:

Friday, April 29

Conor Sweeney: Need Site Link

Emily, Caroline, and Megan:

Morgan and Morgan:

Ben Silver:

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