Digital Storytelling Project Workday

Today is a project workday. I’m here to help you with your digital storytelling project. Remember if you are not in class (or if you are) that your project is due the Wednesday after spring break (March 23). See below for directions on submitting your story.

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Directions for Submitting Work

  1. Create a Creativity and Innovation page
  2. On that page, write a short description of your story
  3. Follow these exporting directions:

Here’s how to add your video to your Creativity and Innovation page (it depends on what tool you chose):

Photostory: You’ll follow these directions to save for “playback on your computer” and then you’ll add the resulting .wmv file as an attachment at the bottom of your digital storytelling page.

iMovie: Follow these directions to upload your movie to YouTube. Then, copy the url for your movie in YouTube, open your digital storytelling page, select “Insert” from the dropdown menu, then select “YouTube video” and paste the YouTube url in the provided textbox. This will embed your movie directly on your digital storytelling page. (You don’t have to put it on YouTube – let me know if you want different directions).

MovieMaker: Watch this tutorial to export your movie. (You’ll want to watch the section of the tutorial that starts at about 1:30). Save the exported file and then attach it to the bottom of your digital storytelling page.

VoiceThread: Login and go to “MyVoice” to select your video. Click on the Menu at the top left of the screen and choose “Share.” Click the “Embed” button and then the “copy this” button that appears in the new window. This copies the url for your video to your computer’s clipboard. Link to this url on your digital storytelling page.

Storybird: Follow these directions for publishing your StoryBird. Click on “Share Story.” Copy the resulting url and past it as a link onto your digital storytelling page.


See you all Monday, March 21 – the Spring Equinox! Actually the equinox is on March 20, at 11:21 p.m – close enough!

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