TLAT Presentations: Day 2

Brandy Walker’s 3rd grader, Noah, has entered a contest to be a kid correspondent for Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta.  We watched the video last Wednesday and voting ends today. Before we get started, cast your vote for the best correspondent video:

Today we will finish the TLAT presentations. Before we do, make sure you have attached your TLAT PDF file to your Communication and Collaboration page. Go ahead and write a short description for your TLAT. This will give the readers that visit your page an idea about the lesson before opening the link. It may be helpful to describe your TLAT in terms of the Communication and Collaboration NETS standards.

Creative Activity from Friday

I asked you to do something creative during our regular class time Friday. Let’s share: What did you do? Post your creative activity to the corkboard.

Inventive Thinking (based on activity on p. 147 of your text)

Let’s complete an activity in small groups to see how creative we are.
1. Brainstorm problems that are pretty universal to all UGA students taking spring semester classes.
2. Select one problem to work on.
3. Think of as many ideas as you can to solve the problem.
4. Use some of Alex Osborn’s creativity strategies listed on page 130 in your text: combine, rearrange, adapt, reverse, substitute, modify, magnify, and minimize to improve your ideas. Here’s a list that might help you with this process.
5. Choose the best idea and create your object. Be ready to advertise your solution to the class. The group with the best solution (voted on by the class) earns a late pass!
Note: if you enjoy exercises in creativity, you might enjoy Alan Black’s Creativity Challenges.


Your chapter 5 reading guide is due Wednesday. You can fill out the Google Form or you can use Chapter 5 Reading Guide to type and print your answers.

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