Think Like a Teacher: Presentations

Your TLAT #1 is due today. Go ahead and grab some food and sign up on the Smart Board for presentation order.

Creativity – what does it mean to you?

Sample lesson: Using video to learn 5th grade math

We’ve talked about the importance of communication and collaboration. What tools did you have students use to foster communication and collaboration in your first learning activity? Could those tools also foster creativity and innovation in your students? Or are there other tools better suited for that job?

What is creativity? Why are creativity and innovation important to your subject/grade level?

When was the last time you had the opportunity to be creative? Do you consider yourself creative? Evaluate yourself based on the Creativity Fluency Rubric on p. 146 in your text. How did you do?

Here’s a video I made with a creative tool, called xtranormal.


1. Take a nap. Then, get up and do something creative. Be prepared to report what you did in class on Monday. This is a legitimate assignment . . .

2. Start reading Chapter 5. The Chapter 5 reading guide will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, March 2. You can fill out the Google Form or you can use Chapter 5 Reading Guide to type and print your answers.

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