Think Like a Teacher (TLAT): Day 3

You’ve come to class today with some ideas about which of your curriculum standards require students to communicate and/or collaborate and some activities that you might have students complete. See how a Martha’s Vineyard teacher uses Skype with her students. (We’ll be watching this You Tube video with a tool called EmbedPlus. This tool allowed me to place markers in the video).

Each day of class I’d like to start off by showing a quick example of technology in K12 classrooms. Here’s an example of students using blogs and podcasts (start at minute 2).

Peer Feedback

Once you’ve come up with 5 possible learning activities it’s time to look at Step 3. This is the step where you took your 5 ideas and identified the best one. At this point, share your activities and ranking with a partner and provide feedback to each other.

Step Four: Describing the Lesson Activity

Step Four asks you to tell the story of your lesson. Please note that this is NOT a lesson plan. You should write this in first person: “I introduced the activity by asking my students if they had ever written a story with someone before. Then I shared a story I created using Storybird . . .” You can make your story better by keeping in mind the characteristics of a good lesson detailed in your book and from our class discussion today. Try and use names of your students in describing what happened during your lesson so your story sounds more authentic. (Please note that section 4 should be the longest section of your write-up.)

Things to keep in mind while completing section 4:

  • What are some characteristics of a lesson that make it a good one?
  • When you design your lesson – what components does it need to make it a good lesson?
  • How will the tool you have chosen support communication and/or collaboration?
  • Here are the characteristics of effective technology supported communication tasks listed in your book.
  • Don’t forget to consider the communication technology examples in your text on pages 78-81


1.     Complete Step 4 of your Lesson Design Guide. We will complete Step 5 in class and I’ll show you how to attach it to your web page as a pdf file.

2.     As you are working on your Lesson Design Guide – don’t forget to continue to use all of the resources from the CML (room 207 in Aderhold), the blog posts from this past week, your textbook, and even your course instructor.

3. Complete this form if you are planning to bring food on Wednesday (2/23). Click here to see what other people are bringing.

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