Communication and Collaboration Commercials: Workday

Today is an independent workday for you or your group to create your commercial. This classroom will be available and I will be here from 11:15-12:05 to help.

Review the requirements for your commercial (from the class document).

Create your commercial with Jing. When you are finished, create a new page on your website called, “Communication and Collaboration.”  On that webpage, write a short description of your tool, provide a link to your tool, and provide a link to your Jing commercial.  A screenshot of your commercial would be great, too (and you can use Jing to create the screenshot!) If you’d rather capture a screenshot, like we did with Floor Planner, see our resource section of this blog.


1.     Be prepared to share your commercial with the class and to learn more about some tools you didn’t explore.

2.     If you have any late work, you will need to use a late pass in order to turn it in. Make sure you are caught up by Friday. (You can look at your grades to see which assignments may need to be completed or revised.)

3.     You may want to go ahead and start reading Chapter 3. The Chapter 3 reading guide will be due Monday. You can also chose to use the Google form to submit your answers.

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